Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model/Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Location: Arbanasi, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Skirt: Supre ( IG @supre_instagram )
T-Shirt: Present from my Brother! Im a massive AIC fan :)
Circular Ring: Kyoti Design ( IG @kyotidesign )
Military bag and Brave and Free cuffRabbit and The Raven (IG @ rabbitandtheraven)

Arbanasi is a beautiful satellite town located on a plateau on the opposite side of the Yantra River to that of Veliko Tarnovo (where we live). We often go there for picnics or lunch as the view across the valley is spectacular. Today we were expecting a storm and so we though we would chance it to see what interesting shots we might get with the diffuse cloud-filtered sunlight.

When we arrived at our usual picnic place, the view was totally obscured by clouds. We were literally IN them. It was so very magical and a little eerie too. These conditions for me have indicated the first real signs of Autumn here in Bulgaria. I have been igoring the yellow tint to the leaves on the trees around town but after today, I have come to accept that summer is over!

On the outfit front, I am featuring here my second handmade Military bag. It is embellished with traditional Bulgarian embroidery finished with Pakistani tribal coins and centrepiece. I will be making more of these bags in future - just waiting for more supplies.



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