Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model/Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Location: Byala and Krapetz, The Black Sea, Bulgaria

Necklace: Stone Irony (IG @stone_irony)
Belt: The Lair (IG @the_lair)
Sunglasses: The New Yorker (IG @newyorkeronline)
Cuffs: Rabbit and The Raven (IG @ rabbitandtheraven)

Resorts and shanty towns, one after another. This is what defines the Black Sea. A picture of contrast and the unexpected. Glassy late afternoon waters painted with reflected sunset hues from the west. Morning heavy winds and swirling torrents of sand and cool-water seaweed moving in a mass of churning energy. 

As an Australian used to the wild oceans, I find the Black Sea an alluring combination of the mystery of the deep untamed oceans and the safety and subtlety of the inland seas such as the Mediterranean. We spent 1 week on the Black Sea exploring the fossil-filled cliffs of Byala and the rustic raw beauty of Krapetz near the Bulgarian-Romanian border. These are precious times I wont forget spent with family, friends and natures boundless inspiration.



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