Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model/Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Kimono: Abask Clothing (IG @abask_clothing)
Jeans and Top: H&M (IG @HM )
Belt: The Lair (IG @the_lair )
Jewels: Precious silver treasures I bought along the way.

February has just begun and it has now been many long weeks for us in the deep freeze Europe has been experiencing this winter. This long period spent almost entirely indoors has equated to many hours of creating not only new pieces but new ideas about where Rabbit and The Raven is headed. I am so amped for this year and the possibilities for this little brand, and I have all of you to thank for keeping the creative fire burning!

And on the subject of creativity, a brand that bravely embraces it in all its forms is Abask Clothing. In this post I am wearing one of their genuine vintage japanese kimonos, but Abask also have a line of designer clothing, designer jewelry and other vintage and new pieces all available here.



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