Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model/Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Location: Veliko Tarnovo Province, Bulgaria

Embellished Army Jacket and Cuff: Rabbit and The Raven (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Squash Blossom  Necklace: Indie and Harper (IG @indieandharper)
Dress: H&M (IG @hm)
Quartz Ring: Victory Crystals (IG @victorycrystals)

On the way out of town today, we stopped at the market to buy the fresh flowers you see in this post. The market is also the place where we regularly buy our fruit and vegetables from our preferred 'dealers'. We consider these people our friends as they are an integral part of our daily lives, we share stories, we joke with one another and we rely on their advice about the freshest local produce. This is such a human experience and one of the many facets of living in Bulgaria that I can say I truly love. But I digress...

Today we decided we must shoot my latest embellished jacket as the temperature was anomalously warm. A run of 3 or so such days amongst the cooler average are referred to as a 'Gypsy Summer' in Bulgarian. So on this Gypsy Summer day, we strolled around in the magical rolling hillls, enjoying the warm air and the fading autumn leaves.


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