Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model/Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG @rabbitandtheraven)
Location: Shemshevo, Veliko Tarnovo Region, Bulgaria

Sunglasses: The New Yorker (IG @newyorkeronline)
Solar Wind cuff and Open Road jacket: Rabbit and The Raven (IG @ rabbitandtheraven)
Dress: Jay Jays (IG @jayjays)

Sometimes you just gotta get out of town! On this particular morning, we dropped the kids directly at kindy and headed straight out of our home town of Veliko Tarnovo to check out the rolling hills and small neighbouring villages. We found fields full of the most delicate flowers and grasses. There are so many creative photographic opportunities in a field of flowers illuminated by the morning sun. We spent a good 2 hours experimenting with the camera.

I had been wanting to shoot this jacket properly for some time so this trip was quite special. It has been a long time in the making and I am extemely happy with the way it looks, the way the fringe flows as the wearer moves, the comfortable feel of it. The creative process is never an easy one with so many considerations both practical and aesthetic, but the pleasure of a good outcome makes it all so worth it.



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