Photography: Milan Milanov (IG @milan.milanov)
Model: Sofia Petrova
Creative Director: Linda Catherine (IG  @linda__catherine)
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


Velvet Duster: Rabbit and The Raven (IG: @rabbitandtheraven)

Necklace: Feather and Skull (IG: @featherandskull)

Cami: Supre (IG @supre_instagram)

Pants: H&M (IG @hm)

Belt: The Lair (IG @the_lair)


Taking an idea and bringing it to life is not an easy feat, as has been the theme (and at times bane) of my creative endeavours since they began. The conjurings of the mind often translate to their final physical form via a process of reiterative reinvention born of the limitations of the physical world. But sometimes what feel like limitations can in fact be catalysts for the implementation of design elements that otherwise would not likely have even been considered. This process actually permits pleasing new discoveries that can then be fed back into the imagination toolbox.

This shoot was the perfect example of this idea. On the day, the highly variable light conditions coupled with the range of background options challenged us in almost every way. But we worked with it, not against it, and I think we made our own version of beautiful. I hope you enjoy the shots, and our new Doll Heart velvet duster featured here and available online.

Special thanks to Sofia Petrova for being just gorgeous all-round, and to Marina Ivanova for shooting along with us. And as always, to Milan Milanov for his cleaver photography and dedication.


x Linda

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