The Cherry Blossom, or 'Sakura' in Japanese, is a symbol of hopeful new beginnings. Its spectacular bloom dares the admirer to dream of great things ahead, whilst dissolving past negativities with its enchanting beauty. 

The Sakura Collection is itself a bright new beginning and is the first Rabbit and The Raven collection to be designed with our own in-house fabric print. The collection is inspired by a passion for Asian design and eras gone by. The Sakura print, which has been prepared in 3 vintage-inspired colourways, features a graceful arrangement of asian blooms and intricate border patterns. The garments themselves are easy-fit and flowing. The combination of these design elements conjure hot and hazy Asian days spent wandering without course, at a pace without impatience.

I hope you enjoy the collection. It has been designed with love, soul and musings of faraway places.

x Linda